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Master in AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years)

Recognized by the International Montessori Association (AMI)

3rd Edition

Reasons for completing the course

Montessori teaching focuses on encouraging self-development in children, in a respectful way, and on the implementation of practical aspects of the classroom, something which currently attracts many parents and professionals from all over the world.  Therefore, some of the reasons for taking this course are:

  • To know the principles of the Montessori method in depth and their practice in a class of 6 – 12 year olds.
  • To obtain the double qualification of a Master’s degree from the university and the AMI diploma.
  • To take the only Montessori AMI course for 6 – 12 years recognized as a Master throughout Europe.
  • To participate in a Master at the University of Girona in assistance with the Fundació Universitat de Girona.
  • To participate in the only Montessori AMI course for 6 – 12 years currently offered in Spain.
  • To obtain the diploma of the Association Montessori International, currently considered to be the most prestigious and complete Montessori training at world level.
  • International recognition for guides trained with the support of the Association Montessori International.
  • To take the AMI 6 – 12 course at an international level, adapted to the Spanish Russian and English curriculums, with all the cultural richness that this implies.
  • To enjoy priority in applications for places as observers or for teaching practice in the Montessori Palau school.

Unique Master in AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years) in Spain with international recognition

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