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Master in AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years)

Recognized by the International Montessori Association (AMI)

1st Edition

COVID-19 Release: Course adaptation

Due to the current global health crisis caused by Covid-19, the University of Girona Foundation and the Montessori Palau International Research and training Center (MIRTC), according to the Montessori Internationale Association, have adapted the first three face-to-face weeks corresponding to the subjects of the 3-6 year Foundations Course of the Master in AMI Montessori Guide from 6 to 12 years old to the telematics support. Sessions will be performed by videoconference using the Zoom tool. We are going to offer this part online in the most dynamic and participative way possible while maintaining the maximum quality standards of AMI and our training center. The rest of the face-to-face sessions are postponed until next summer.

New calendar
Foundation course 3-6
Summer 2020 on line: 3 weeks, from June 29 to July 17.
Summer 2021 face-to-face (practical part): 1 week, from August 16 to August 20.

Elementary Course 6-12
Summer 2020 on line: two weeks and three days, from July 27 to August 12.
Summer 2021 face-to-face: seven weeks, from June 28 to August 13 (Holidays on July 16 and July 19 due to the AMI congress).
Summer 2022 face-to-face: eight weeks, from June 27 to August 19 (public holiday on July 25).

In order to see us personally and give you the details, we call you to an important Zoom meeting:
Thursday, May 21, 2020 meeting for registered or interested in the registration at 17:00 (Spanish time) https://zoom.us/j/2230108187
With this meeting we hope to clarify all doubts and to be able to establish the definitive list of participants to this Montessori Master soon.  

Reasons for completing the course

  • To obtain the double qualification of a Master’s Degree from the university and the AMI diploma.
  • To participate in the only Montessori AMI course devoted to the 6 – 12 age group currently offered in Spain.
  • To obtain the diploma of the Association Montessori Internationale, currently considered to be the most prestigious and complete Montessori training at world level.
  • To take the AMI 6 – 12 course at an international level, adapted to the Spanish, Russian and English curriculums, with all the cultural richness that this implies.
  • To take the course on the premises of the Montessori Palau Girona school, which, with more than 1,000 students between the ages of 0 and 18 years, is a leading centre in Spain. Its organization, premises and complementary services offer all amenities and facilities for the students of the Master and their children.


The Master’s course of the AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years) is designed to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of the Montessori method in Elementary Education, with the aim of helping children to develop and adapt to society. The course covers all areas of the curriculum, which in Montessori education are much more numerous than in traditional education. The areas encompass philosophy, psychology and the contents of the various areas of knowledge with the corresponding materials and activities for teaching-learning. The course methodology includes theory classes, practice classes involving the materials, observations and teaching practice of Montessori schools.

The Master is completed over three summers (2020-2022). During the two school years between the three summers, the observations and teaching practice will be carried out in the Montessori environment.

Unique Master in AMI Montessori Guide for Elementary Education (6-12 years) in Spain with international recognition

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